Sparks of Passion #1

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I started these paintings with eagerness and joy. I felt a burning desire to go back to my canvases as soon as I left the studio. I was excited about the different hues of reds and felt the vibrant energy of the color. 
As the paintings progressed, once I started to think about applying certain techniques and the fundamentals of composition, the passion was fading.
In order to retain the raw vulnerability, I’ve kept these paintings less resolved in order to protect those sparks of passion. 
Have you felt your passion for something fade? With repetition even something you love you may start to feel less excited about it. You risk extinguishing even the last remaining spark of passion.
Let these paintings be your reminder to protect the passion you have. 


Original artwork 40 x 30 cm

Acrylic paint, markers and colored pencils on canvas.

Stretcher frame, packaging and shipping included. Ready to hang.

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