Colorful & authentic art to soothe the soul of mothers

The experience of becoming a mother is a profound and vulnerable one, constantly reshaping and rebuilding a woman's identity.

Vreni Rengglis vibrant and expressive artworks beautifully merge the chaotic turbulence and breathtaking beauty of this journey.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and reminded of the incredible strength that resides within you, Mama.

About the artist

Hi, I am Vreni.

Swiss artist and mum of three energetic children, keeping me on a beautifully exciting rollercoaster of learning and growth.

But let me be real with you, at first, I didn't find the rollercoaster of motherhood exciting or beautiful.

I felt overwhelmed, yearning for things to return to "normal" so I could feel like my old self again.

Turning to art, I hoped to reconnect with, the woman who loved creativity before having kids.

And guess what: I did. But not in the way I expected.

Rather than finding my old self, I found the power to craft my new self.

By expressing the full, messy truth of my feelings of disorientation and disconnection I rebuilt myself as a mother.

Little did I know, this transformation had a name: Matrescence. What I painted my way through is the universal experience of women transitioning from maidenhood to motherhood. 

Knowing this, the constant changes and adaptations became a breathtaking rollercoaster ride – with its ups and downs, of course.

My art is here to capture it all in inspiring and uplifting paintings to accompany and empower you on your own unique journey.

Let's embrace this beautiful ride together!

♡ Vreni

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What others say

  • Thank you for this wonderful work. Sometimes it is not easy to be alone at home with the children every day. Then when I walk past your picture, it feels somehow lighter.

    - Andrea B
  • I love this little picture on my bedside table. It makes me happy every time I see it - even if the day wasn't perfect. Thank you thank you thank you!

    - Sarah K
  • This picture gives me a place of calm in my daily chaos with children, yard and household. Vreni did an incredible job of transforming my inner chaos! It brings me calm, harmony and peace - captured in a picture.

    - Antonia M
  • I fell in love with the colors at first sight. I just had to have this picture and it's amazing how it somehow brightens the atmosphere in my room.

    - Pia B
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Mother, Mommy, Mom, Mom
Who is that - is that me?

Have you hardly recognized yourself since becoming a mother?
You like being a mother but often don't feel fulfilled, alone and misunderstood?
Or are you just not able to put into words how you feel?
Then you are not alone.

Come to my workshop and learn a creative way of expressing yourself.

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