• Create a space to come back to yourself

    Your unique piece of art enables you to remember who you are and come back to yourself in your own home whenever you look at it.

  • Learn a unique form of self-expression

    The method you learn is a
    technique for self-expression and reflection you can use anytime in the future.

  • Infuse harmony and beauty in your busy home

    Bringing in colorful art into your space elevates the atmosphere of your home and enriches your every-day life.

Making of video - commissioned painting

It’s time to find yourself again!

Let me help you find the seed of your potential deep within you and allow it to blossom through art.

  • A personal but done-for-you artwork

    You start the painting yourself. Through my artistic skills and empathic abilities, I turn your own lines into a stunning piece of art.

  • Your daily motivation

    Having your one of a kind painting visible in your home constantly reminds you of the powerful woman you are and gives you the strength to conquer the overwhelm.

  • Not another "to-do"

    I am sure you don't need another self-care task on your schedule.
    This painting is right there, in your home at all times to allow for a conscious moment and a deep breath - it's as simple as this.

  • A powerful tool

    You learn a method combining art therapy, mindfulness and meditation allowing you to calm down and find peace of mind whenever you need it.

My happy clients

  • “This painting gives me a
    place of tranquility in my daily chaos with kids, farm and household. Vreni did
    an incredible job transforming my inner mess! It brings me calm, harmony and
    peace - captured in a painting. Dear Vreni, thank you for your conversation
    full of understanding and your incredible artistic work!”

    - A. Müller
  • “I did not dare to tell Vreni what I was thinking when I looked at my initial lines. I was convinced that there was no beauty in them and she would never be able to transform them into
    anything near being called an artwork.

    Luckily I was wrong! The painting she produced overwhelmed me!

    And this painting taught me a lesson about my life. I did not believe that what was going on in my life could become resolved and my life harmonious and enjoyable again. Looking at the painting in my home provides me a reminder to keep working towards it whenever I start doubting again.”

    - P. Berger
  • I knew from the beginning that creating this painting would be an exciting adventure. I knew that my mind should not be involved in it and I trusted my intuition. I needed courage to do so.

    The first look at the resulting work was just – WOW, everything fits! It touched me so deep and I am lacking words to describe!

    This painting it is an intimate gift from heaven that strengthens me and fill me with deep love.

    Many thanks to the young, talented artist for creating this enriching and personal soul work."

    - Patricia B.

"Vreni’s gift is to find a woman’s winged grandeur even when she feels shattered to pieces and to help her see this new version of herself through art." - Cathie M.

I want this!
  • Step one

    We first connect to get to know each other and define the specifics of your commission piece.

    I explain to you my method and how the whole process works.

  • Step two

    You experience a session during which you connect to and create from your subconscious.
    You choose the color scheme for your painting. Then it’s on me to do the magic.

  • Step three

    The finished piece of beautiful art is revealed to you.

    I share with you the milestones and insights of the creative process.

    The painting is delivered to your home.

It's not just a "pretty picture"

I am an intuitive abstract painter from Switzerland, living in a small village enjoying nature and gardening with my family.

Knowing the journey of Matrescence and the feeling of having to recreate yourself as a mother fuels my passion to accompany mothers on this journey.

The very personal and unique pieces of art, provide wordless but meaningful support in this very vulnerable phase of your life.  

And this is what it’s all about – isn’t it?

It’s my pleasure to help you express where you are today and create a harmonious artwork that paints a vision of where you want to go.

The final painting is the visual and tangible manifestation of your true self's potential that is so hard to see at times. It will help to carry you through the troubles of your daily life.