Rediscover yourself: Workshop for struggling new mothers

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Do you feel like you stopped existing as an individual when you became a mum?

It’s like the person you were previous-childbirth has gone and you miss her.

Are you experiencing a real disconnect between what you are told motherhood should feel like and what you are experiencing inside?

Is there a heavy, dark jumble of undefined emotions sitting in your chest that you have no idea how to put into words?

Let me tell you: This is absolutely normal and there is a solution!

You can express and release this emotional turmoil through art.

This workshop is offering you a creative tool to rediscover yourself when you lost yourself through matrescence.  

As a mother of three, I went through this myself and I found a way to go from chaos and overwhelm to calm and balance in no time through a very easy drawing process.

You will leave this workshop being able to express all of the chaotic feelings in simple lines.

My technique:

  • is fast and simple.
  • doesn’t require you to leave the house.
  • doesn’t need any prior knowledge or art training.
  • can be used time and time again.


You will leave the session with an increased sense of well-being and feeling emotionally balanced.

Here is what’s included:

  • Live zoom session (approximately 1 ½ hours)
  • Digital workbook
  • Information about colors and their meaning
  • Directions to work on the lines you produce


All you need is:

  • a drawing paper
  • a normal copy paper
  • a pen or pencil


Students say they feel “just so much lighter” and are also relieved by knowing that they are not alone in this.

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Please note: This is not an art class. The goal of this course is not to produce an art masterpiece.

This workshop will be held in English.


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